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UKTNCC a Limited company registered in England and Wales, company number 08444659.


Being a social enterprise, we are dedicated in encouraging our members to support and help other constituents of this Social enterprise, as well as improving our membership base across the various domain areas. The enterprise, our team, and our programmes are aimed at improving not only the potential of your business as a participant but also your own personal profile as a social entrepreneur. UKTNCC represents you and your business on an impartial manner to facilitate a platform for performing bilateral trades and creating opportunities for businesses between the United Kingdom and rest of the world.



Vision: Connect businesses  €  Develop opportunities  £  Promote prosperity


Mission: To build a dynamic society encouraging economic growth with a community benefit through peer support.


UKTNCC was formed during mid 2012 when a group of entrepreneurs sat down discussing how difficult can a simple business processes turn out to be due to the fear of venturing into the unknown. The discussions brought out a unified consensus that if only they knew the right person for the right job it becomes easy and quick. So; the leads you have, are they trust worthy? We have all been there many a times in our own world of business; hurray we have a project in our hands.


UKTNCC was formed with the objective of building a platform for businesses to meet, network, and affiliate and of course make trade. We aspire to build a transparent no frills selective members’ chamber to periodically meet like minded individuals and discussing the impact and potential developments in various domains for business. The Chamber is also proud of its very fundamental ethos of providing unbiased communication between its members and non profit existence.


Working within smaller focus groups has proven to be more result driven; and we operate within classified domain areas. UKTNCC has been building vertical portals based on domain expertise so it becomes easy to associate and share information on a regular basis with like minded businessmen or industrialists. Your association with the chamber would provide you with unlimited access to our ever expanding resources in terms of expertise and networking capabilities. We would like you to attend one of our networking evenings to help us interact better.



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