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UK Tamil Nadu Pudhucherry Annual Business Meet 2017


1.30 PM – 2:00 PM


2.00 PM –2.05 PM

Welcome to UK Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Annual Business Meet/ UKTNCC Meet

Hon.Virendra Sharma MP ( Ealing Southall )

Patron, British South India Council of Commerce/ UKTNCC

2.05 PM –2.10 PM

British South India Council of Commerce/

Mr.Sujit S Nair.,FRSA

Chief Co Ordinator/ Director, British South India Council of Commerce

2.10 PM – 2:15PM

Introduction about UKTNCC
Dr Lawrence/Siv

2.15 PM –2.20 PM

Best wishes to UKTNCC
Hon. BOB Blackman MP

2.20 PM –2.30 PM

Mr AS Rajan (Minister of Co-ordination - High Commission of India) 

2.30 PM - 2.40 PM

Doing Business in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry: Advice for SMEs

Hon. Bharat Joshi

British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai

2:40 PM – 2:45 PM

Doing Business in the UK
Hon. Dr. Rami Ranger CBE
Founder, Chairman of Sun Mark

2.45 PM - 2.55 PM


Mr.Shankar Narayanan

Vice President- Tata Consultancy Services - UK & Ireland

2.55 PM – 3.05 PM

Tamils doing Business Opportunities around World
Dr. Rajasekaram Sampath, World Tamil Economic Conference

3.05 PM - 3.20 PM

Hon. Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory (Vice President of Mauritius)Opportunities in Mauritius



3.30 PM – 3:40 PM

Ms Smruti Sriram (CEO of Supreme Creations & Co-founder of Wings of Hope Childrens Charity, BBC Top 100 Women 2014)


3.40 PM - 3.50 PM 

 (Founder and Managing Partner  - Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys)

3.50 PM – 4.00 PM


Mr.Sethu Bhaskaran Kumanan

Chairman - Sethu Bhaskara Agriculture and Research

4.00 PM- 4.10 PM


Ms Malathi

4.10 PM - 4.20 PM


Mr Dato Bhaskaran

4.20 PM - 4.30 PM 

Mr Ravi Raj 
Founder - Malarum Tamilagam

4.30 PM - 4.40 PM

Mr. Mohamed Gani EHIYA
Chairman Black Tulip group in Dubai-Kenya 

4.40 PM - 4.50 PM

 Q & A

 4:50 PM - 5:00 PM

Vote of Thanks

Mr.Jacob Ravibalan

BSICC Vice Chair - Tamil Nadu

Founder Director - UKTNCC 

                                                                   *Agenda is subject to change



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UKTNCC Annual Business Meeting 2016

UK Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce (UKTNCC) Annual Business Meeting 2016!

The UKTNCC in association with British South India Council of Commerce (BSICC) successfully organised its 3rd annual business event “The UK Tamil Nadu Puducherry Business Meet” on the 14th April 2016 at UK Parliament.

The business meet was chaired by BSICC/UKTNCC Patron,Mr Virendra Sharma MP(Southall, UK) at Committee room 10. The event was oversubscribed showing the content of the event and due to room restrictions 160 attended the event. The room was packed with influential and successful delegates from various sectors across the continents.

The UKTNCC team took this opportunity to wish all delegates a prosperous Tamil New Year which also happened to fall on the same day. The event formally was kick started by Siv Matchendran, Director of UKTNCC who gave an overview of the aims of BSICC and UKTNCC.

Virendra Sharma Ji spoke next highlighting the importance of the trade relations between both the countries and how his office is keen and ready to support such activities. He requested the attendees to maintain a minute silence to mourn the recent victims of the Kerala fireworks accident.

The other key guests who spoke about the importance and positive future trade relations between both India and UK were shadow chief secretary to the treasury - Seema Malhotra MP, MP Gerald Jones, Wales and Ramaswamy Balaji first secretary (Consular) of Indian High Commission,London. Collectively, they all
expressed their support and wishes to UKTNCC on this occasion.

The illustrious guest speakers of the day were

  • Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai, the inventor of EMAIL who spoke on 'The Ecosystem for Global Innovation'
  • Padmashree Arunachalam Muruganantham - Social Entrepreneur / featured as influential 100 in the world by the Times spoke on on 'Rural Innovation from Tamil Nadu to the World'.
  • Mike Nithavrianakis, former British Deputy High Commissioner on the opportunities presented by Tamil Nadu in various sectors

The delegates were inspired by the journey, success and painstaking efforts behind their success of the speakers and thoroughly benefitted by the participation. The delegates offered a standing ovation for Arunachalam Murguganatham’s contribution to eradicate rural poverty.

In the 2nd part of the event, various dignitaries both from India and the UK were felicitated by Virendra Sharma, MP Southall UK for their contribution to the Indo-UK trade relations and the community

  • Mrs Jayashree Anthony , Master Brain Academy,” 2016-Tamil Successful women Award”
  • Mr.U Sudhir Lodha - State Minorities Commission,Tamil Nadu Government was awarded the "INDO UK Award for Excellence in Community Service & Youth Empowerment"
  • Paul Chelliah, Director, Trinity Centre, East Ham, UK for the service to community

The event was drawn to an end by Mr.Jacob Ravibalan BSICC's Vice Chairman who addressed the vote of thanks. He conveyed the apologies of both special guest Dr. Ponraj Vellaichamy (Scientist and Technical Advisor to the late Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam) and Sujit Nair, Chief Coordinator of the BSICC who wished the very best the UKTNCC team. He also thanked the sponsors ICICI bank.

The event came to an end at in the form of a “Networking Tea” hosted by the UKTNCC team at the Grand Café at the Parliament. The delegates were actively involved in exchanging ideas and business cards. The networking at the café proved to be another success leading from the event for all delegates who attended. The UKTNCC were actively collecting feedback from the attendees and speakers and 98% of them found it extremely resourceful and will participate again.

The event formally concluded as sit down dinner for high level delegates and to thanks the special guests at the popular “Cinnamon Club”, Westminster one of London’s top restaurants. The event was aimed strengthening business relationship and trust between all participants. The delegates all enjoyed the gourmet dishes served and were engaged in positive conversations. The UKTNCC team actively facilitated introductions between the delegates promoting networking and formally thanked the delegates for attending and making the event a grand success.

The Next Steps for 2016

The UKTNCC aims to promote business and entrepreneurial activity between members and non members through regular networking events. Our team with our professional experience and strong network across the globe can assist your business succeed.

We take this opportunity to invite you to our bi monthly networking events at the ST. JAMES' COURT, 54 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AF on the following dates in 2016 June 22th, Aug 24th Oct 19th, Dec 7th.

Kindly note this is a FREE but INVITE ONLY event, kindly register to your interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join us.

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